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When I decorated my wedding back in 2010, I wanted it to be a design that was different, intimate and romantic.  Even on a small budget, I designed it in a way that would reflect that mood and leave guests wondering how I did it while keeping them captivated.  A simple Peacock Trumpet Vase centerpiece did the trick. So much so, guests took the centerpieces home. This event played an important part of Party Bag's conception.


When you think about it, your first reaction when entering into an event says a lot. A party that's left decorated cheaply and un-attractive, usually leaves you and the guest's lips sealed tight or eyes in a bored stare. But what happens when you see an event that's beautifully decorated--with all the elegant bells and whistles that one can dream of? You guessed it. It's breath-taking, wild-eyed amazement; Guests are left speechless.

Aside from the essential celebration of the honoree(s), the second most important aspect of an event is the decor. Why? It sets the atmosphere. And that's what Party Bag Decor and Events specializes in...decorating beautifully.


With Party Bag Decor and Events, no party or special soiree is the same with us.  And we keep it that way.  Every detail, every collaborative concept, every inspirational design is intricately honored and respected based on clients vision.  We do our very best to bring that vision to life and execute successfully.  Our number one goal is to design your occasion that reflects your taste as well as budget.


We do Weddings, Bridal and Baby Showers, Birthday's, Anniversaries, Graduations and more.  From Big, Eye catching backdrops to a simple balloon bouquet and column, we have something inside for every occasion.

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