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Planning is stressful but hiring a planner is stress free. Plan with us today and we'll work your plan tomorrow.

-Ana Gibson

Owner and Executive Planner

If you’ve ever heard folks talk about planning a wedding or a large-scale event, you know how stressful and burdensome the planning process can be, especially if you’re tackling the task alone. That’s why we’re here, ready to lift and shift all your event planning burden to our desk.
Party Bag Décor & Events provides full-service wedding and event planning services, organizing your dream event for you and your guest to enjoy and remember for a lifetime. 
Our full-service clients usually invest between 15% - 20% of their budget towards planning services. These services are paramount in achieving your event vision and goals, which we will help you craft. Your journey into marriage shouldn’t be entered into with stress and frustration; leave the research, details, and follow-ups to us. We wholeheartedly believe this season of your life should be about creating moments that produce memories that last for a lifetime. 

What does a Party Bag Planner Do?


Our planners are all about the logistics, from vendor referrals and contract negotiations, to day-of execution of your vision. We  keep track of your budget and handle the project management intricacies of your event, taking the guesswork out of the process, making planning a wedding as seamless and smooth as possible.

We integrate the tenets of project management into the process, such as:

  • Working with you to define the full-scope of the event

  • Setting Clear  Goals & Objectives for all stakeholders in the process

  • Creating a Communication Plan with the clients and vendors 

  • Defining Roles & Responsibilities of key player to ensure the event is delivered effectively

  • Conducting risk assessments and outlining mitigation strategies

  • Communicating desire outcomes and performance expectations

  • Engaging with the clients to implement changes

  • Focusing on Value Delivery of service to the client.

Specific duties entail, but aren't limited to:

  • Conducting research and providing vendor referrals, consults, and negotiating contracts

  • Scheduling and attending all vendor meetings, site tours, food tastings, etc.

  • Budget Development and expense tracking for vendors

  • Guest Attendance and RSVPs 

  • Project Timelines and calendars 

  • Documenting and conveying expectations from client brainstorms and consultation sessions

  • Brainstorming on broader designs and concepts for articulation to vendors

  • Coordinating hotel room blocks and transportation.

  • Managing the rehearsal (integrated coordination services) 

  • Overseeing everything on the wedding day (makes sure everyone adheres to the timeline, handles snafus, manages vendors, and executes your vision on-site).

Do you need this service?

Yes, if you're the couple that works a full-time job, doesn't have the time to intricately puzzle the pieces together to successfully execute their special day, has no clue where to start, wants the least amount of stressed involved, has a very short time frame for planning, and/or are throwing a destination wedding or a wedding weekend involving multiple events.



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