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40 Guests or Less

Just because it's small doesn't mean it has to look that way.

-- Ana Gibson

Owner & Lead Designer


Intimate events ARE a thing. Whether it's a Marriage proposal, surprise Birthday party, Bridal or Baby shower, you can make them just as beautiful and extravagant as you would a much larger event. The beauty about smaller sized parties is having the guests you absolutely want there, AND you don't have to spare expense due to an oversized guest list. Just because it's small, it doesn't mean it has to look or feel that way.

What 40 Guests or Less events can be like;

  • Upscale/Luxe style Tablescapes and Centerpieces

  • Premium/Luxe Style chairs

  • Celebratory Focal Point backdrop

  • Florals

  • Luxury Balloon Designs

  • Pipe & Draping

  • Marquee Letters/Numbers

  • Vinyl Floor Decal

  • Customized details

  • And so much more

We love to incorporate big Design & Decor elements even if the event is on a smaller scale. 

40 Guests or less can be turned into a full production event by including vendors like a mobile bartender, DJ/Musician, Themed entertainers & Props, Photo booth, Lighting Design, & Catering just to name a few. The choice is yours. Doesn't matter that it's small. What matters is making these intimate moments memorable for years to come.

Do you need this service?

Yes, especially if you struggle with planning and designing. Our job is to curate and Design your event from start to finish in a way where you won't have to worry about any detail other than showing up and looking fabulous. We take care of the aesthetics so that you don't have to. 



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